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Roto Studs is proud to invite you into the world of fantasy sports. Fantasy sports actually finds its original roots in late 1950s. A man named Wilfred Winkenbach devised a game of fantasy golf where each of his friends would choose a group of professional golfers and track their overall performance in order to determine the winning owner.

In 1960, that same concept was applied to professional baseball by Harvard University sociologist William Gamson. Both of their games were a part of some type of academic study and not considered a hobby opportunity. It wasn't until 1963, when the Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League caught the public eye. Football fanatics finally found a way to live vicariously through the efforts of their favorite players.

In 1980, the modern day rotisserie (roto) style game was introduced by Daniel Okrent, a magazine writer from New York City. Okrent was part of a group who would meet regularly at a restaurant named La Rotisserie Francaise, hence the name rotisserie. Through his connections in the magazine world, news of the new live action sports game spread throughout the country.

While fantasy baseball and football have reigned supreme throughout the years, fantasy basketball, hockey, golf and Nascar have also garnered a decent following due in large part to the internet. The internet has made it infinitely easier to track each player's performance and accumulate the statistics needed to run the league. With games run by Yahoo, MLB, NFL, NBA, ESPN and other fantasy sports sites, the games are now played throughout the world and members from any given league can be physically located thousands of miles apart.

The internet also brought different variations to the game. The original concepts were done in roto style over an entire season. Because of the internet's ability to quickly sort data, games were developed that allowed for head to head competition on a weekly basis between managers. Today, they are several types of drafts, leagues can be formed using any stat tracked by professional statisticians and websites devoted strictly to the topic of fantasy sports have found their niche.

Here at Roto Studs, our goal is to become a leader in the world of fantasy sports. We will use our resources to provide the latest news, developments, player profiles and recommendations to our patrons. In fantasy sports, knowledge is king and Roto Studs is on the cutting edge of gathering information designed to make our patrons the best managers they can be.

With the impending NFL draft just weeks away, now is a good time to take a look at the 2014 fantasy football season. The first recommendation Roto Studs wants to make for the upcoming season is the key to performing well in any fantasy league. It is critical for each manager to completely understand the league's settings and try to organize their draft strategy based on what is required. The second recommendation is to show up at the draft prepared for battle.

The 2013 season was the year of the quarterback. Teams who performed well in fake leagues were undoubtedly led by top QBs. There were nine QBs with over 4,000 yards passing as they were shredding defenses. With this year's draft being loaded with talented QBs and WRs, the 2014 season figures to be more of the same.

In leagues with standard settings, the best drafting strategy for the first four rounds might be QB,RB/ QB,RB/ WR/ RB/. Standard leagues tend to put a premium on having a strong QB and two reliable RBs. If your league varies from standard settings, be sure to adjust the strategy appropriately in order to maintain good scoring balance.

Roto Studs is looking forward to an exciting season. You can visit our site on a daily basis for the latest information regarding Pthe draft, injuries, trades, free agent signings and potential dark horse players. We would also like to invite you to our forum for up to the minute discussions on anything about fantasy sports.